Sober Coaching


The Sober Coach bridges the gap between the recovery community and residential treatment facilities. Sober Coaches offer a level of responsibility and provide a measure of accountability that the recovery community cannot be expected to offer. A sober coach acts as a direct connection to the customer’s own daily environment, acting as a liaison to their current treatment protocol, while assisting in bridging the gap towards assimilation into the recovery community and society as a whole.

Besides the establishment of specific individual goals and skill development during outpatient treatment, the Sober Coach can provide an invaluable service for those who are resistant to abstaining from their drug of choice, but must do so in the event of medical, legal, contractual, or familial obligations. Working with other treatment professionals and as part of a treatment plan, the Sober Coach helps define client needs, determine boundaries and assists in exploring how social, family, professional, and community supports can be optimized to facilitate long-term recovery. The Sober Coach is someone who has been there; a professional peer who has excelled at navigating many of the same difficulties and challenges the newly sober addict faces, and who has established an extensive support network in their own community.

While structuring daily activities alone can be much more complicated than one would expect, learning to relax, have fun, and achieve a degree of serenity can be near impossible without the acquisition of life skills that a Sober Coach can help a client achieve. Sober Coaching provides around the clock support in helping a client create life skills that were abandoned or never learned in the first place. Teens in early recovery may greatly benefit from the availability of a professional relationship which extends beyond treatment and support groups, especially when they have a mentor that has been exactly where they are to assist them on their path.

Clients work with their coaches to set daily or weekly individualized goals to fit their strengths and challenges based on where they are in their lives. Learned helplessness is stripped away as clients become empowered through enhanced self-esteem and confidence. A Sober Coach works with clients at all levels of recovery, be it in transitional or sober living, residential or outpatient venues, even at their own homes.

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