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Opioid Use Disorder

opioid use disorder

While relapse may be common among addicts, it may also make it seem as though the cycle of drug abuse is inevitable and unending. The cycle of addiction however, is not always unending — it just takes a long time for the brain to heal. When the levels of important chemicals are measured in the …

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Why Enabling An Addict Is A Bad Idea

Why Not Enable An Addict

Enabling is basically doing or arranging something for someone else so they don’t really have to feel the full consequences of their own actions. It is really common in families dealing with addiction. In particular what happens is, especially at the earlier stages of addiction, the family starts noticing problems that a family member is …

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Binge Eating

Binge Eating Treatment

When you think about an eating disorder, you might think about restricting food, like in anorexia, or purging food, like in bulimia. But the most common eating disorder has nothing to do with either of those. It’s called binge eating. These days when we hear the word ‘binge,’ we mostly think of watching like 6 …

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What Is Drug Addiction?

What is Drug Addiction

Why is addiction so rampant?  The illness of addiction is cunning, baffling & powerful.  The process of drug addiction can be so subtle, that by the time one hits the final stages of addiction, it may be hard to pinpoint at what point exactly, you got there. Once drug use begins, the user maintains access …

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